10 Weightlifting Straps To Maximize Your Weight Training

For those struggling with achieving their weightlifting goals, we have curated the 10 Weightlifting Straps To Maximize Your Weight Training.

When it comes to weightlifting accessories, weightlifting straps are honestly only needed for grip and wrist support. For example, when doing deadlift or dumbbells curls, oftentimes losing your grip will cause you to lose form. For this reason, weightlifting straps are used to achieve non-slip grip and in culmination optimize your workout.

While not recommended for beginners to weightlifting, straps are indeed a great way to enhance your workout and assure there is no slippage during strength or weight training.


How to use lifting straps


Follow these steps to effectively use lifting straps:

  1. Put the strap around your wrist by inserting your wrist into the loop.
  2. Pull the long end of the strap to tighten around your wrist.
  3. Once it is at the desired tightness, loop the long end of the strap about the bar or handle of what you are lifting once.
  4. Then place your hand about the strap and bar.
  5. Using a motorcycle style grip, ‘rev’ your hands about the bar a few times to assure the strap grips the bar.
  6. After that, you are ready for your workout with maximum grip.



Now that you know how to use the weightlifting straps for weight training. Next, is choosing the best lifting straps that will support your wrists and increase your natural grip. This is important, because, you avoid wasting energy in those moments when the weight or bar slips during your lift.


10 Weightlifting Straps To Maximize Your Weight Training


The following are the best 10 Weightlifting straps that will maximize your strength or weight training. Each of these straps have their unique features. So, check through this list and see which one is the best choice for your workout.


1. Rip Toned Lifting Wrist Straps

Rip Toned Lifting Wrist Straps


Endorsed by 2014 World Champion Power lifter Kevin Weiss, the Rip Toned Weightlifting straps are perfect to get the grip and support you need. Not skimping on the comfort side of things, these heavy duty cotton lifting straps are really soft and fully adjustable. They are easy to put on and remove during your workouts as well. Sold in many colors and supported with a money back guarantee, these straps are a no brainer to get! Buy From Amazon



  • Great price
  • Easy on and off
  • Great colors


  • Strap length could be an issue
  • Cotton may fray after long usage



2. Nordic Lifting Straps

Nordic Lifting Straps

Nordic Lifting Straps are made of highly durable cotton to become one of the best lifting accessories you could own. To provide maximum comfort for your wrists during your lift, Nordic Lifting adds neoprene padding to the straps. There are even a number of different colors to keep you stylish as you get in maximum reps.

Sized for men and women and priced to move, the Nordic Lifting Heavy Duty Cotton Lifting Straps are a great choice for various workouts.



  • Neoprene for extra grip and comfort
  • Different colors
  • Durable


  • Cotton may fray
  • Velcro stitching may not last



3. Anvil Fitness Lifting Straps

Anvil Fitness Lifting Straps

Anvil Fitness Lifting Straps combines great value with excellent performance. The need for wrist support and supreme grip shouldn’t have to break your bank. Anvil Fitness supplies comfort to this simplicity by adding neoprene padding to save your wrists from chaffing and blisters while supporting them. Your increased reps and risk free workouts will be proof enough of their value.



  • Great price
  • Excellent grip


  • Setting up straps may be confusing
  • May pinch skin due to thin padding and padding gaps


4. Dark Iron Leather Suede Lifting Wrist Straps

Dark Iron Leather Suede Lifting Wrist Straps

Dark Iron Fitness understands that common cotton straps can sometimes pinch or chaff when lifting. To combat this, Dark Iron Fitness straps are made of leather suede to combine comfort with durability for your lifts.

The suede makes the straps soft to the touch while creating that strong and tight grip. Their wrist straps fit tight with just the right size neoprene padding. With their premium leather, the Dark Iron Fitness Leather Suede straps won’t fall apart or tear as many who’ve used cotton straps experience.

While they are a bit more expensive, Dark Iron Fitness’ design will certainly last longer considering they include a lifetime replacement policy as well. Visit Dark Ion Amazon Store



  • Soft leather provides maximum comfort
  • Light weight
  • High quality material
  • Neoprene padding for non-slip grip


  • Pricey




5. Cobra Grips PRO Weight Lifting Straps

Cobra Grips PRO Weight Lifting Gloves

With a PRO model for larger wrists (men) and a FIT model for smaller ones (women), the Cobra Grips patented design is an excellent alternative to lifting straps and hooks.

Built for comfort, the Cobra Grips Weight Lifting Gloves work just like straps. The adjustable wrist wraps have neoprene padding to prevent the bruising and blisters of simple lifting straps.

About your palms is their anti-slip design that eliminates chaffing, speeds up the process of securing your grip, and looks great too. There are various colors to choose from — to coordinate with your style. Buy From Amazon



  • Easy on – off
  • Great wrist support and comfort
  • Neoprene padding for non-slip grip


  • Slip during deadlifts for some



6. Harbinger Cotton Lifting Straps

Harbinger Cotton Lifting Straps

Sometimes simplicity is key and the Harbinger Cotton Lifting straps are priced to move. These weightlifting straps are extra long which assure much more gripping area than most straps provide.

The heavy stitching and narrowed ends prevent fraying and ensures durability. Roll your grip around your strap and weight with Harbinger’s Lifting Straps and go harder than ever before!. See Price 



  • Great price
  • Good grip
  • Decent strap length (5 mm neoprene wrist pad)
  • Steel buckle for maximum comfort and protection
  • Versatility


  • Straps may chaff or pinch
  • Some non padded areas 
  • Single stitching may not last long 



7. RitFit Lifting Straps

RitFit Lifting Straps

RitFit Lifting Straps can serve a number of different purposes. This strap sturdy yet simple design includes a thick neoprene pad that supports and surrounds your wrists.

While not as secure as a brace, the RitFit Lifting Straps give you comfort and assurance during your lifts, such that you won’t end up with blisters or bruises after a serious workout.

The extended strap length of these straps allow you to get a good wrap around the bar. Whether it is Pull-ups, Chin-ups, Powerlifting, Deadlifts, or anything requiring good grip, these straps are the baseline for weightlifting straps period. Check out price on Amazon



  • Great price
  • Durability


  • Metal loop for wrist strap may cause discomfort
  • Hard to put on
  • Some non padded areas 
  • Single stitching may not last long 



8. ProFitness Weightlifting Straps

ProFitness Weightlifting Straps

As one of the best values on the market, the ProFitness Weightlifting Straps are built for powerlifting, bodybuilding, and weightlifting. The lifetime warranty for these straps assure that your training will reach maximum heights by increasing your confidence.

The fear of slippage is significant in those heavy lifts and the ProFitness straps are built for maximum grip and comfort. Their simple design includes neoprene wrist pads to secure the straps your wrists without cutting off your circulation.

The straps themselves are Kevlar lined as well to assure you that they will last. Focus on your workout rather than worry about your grip or dropping your weights with the ProFitness Weightlifting Straps.



  • Durable
  • lightweight
  • Strong velcro
  • Neoprene wrist pad for protection


  • Hard to adjust


9. RimSports Weightlifting Strap hooks

RimSports Weightlifting Strap

This is not just a strap, buy a strap and a hook together. Sometimes straps and hooks are desired to remove pressure from your palms when you are weightlifting. RimSports Weightlifting Strap hooks are design to do just that and more. Meant to help you get your max reps, the heavy duty design is built to last.

RimSports added thick neoprene wrist wrap padding to hold your wrists in place. As with other strap hooks, the premium materials used in the design shift the weight from your palms to your wrists and remove the fear of dropping the weights on your feet.

At a great price with excellent customer service, users of the RimSports Weightlifting Strap Hooks are more than thrilled with the results.



  • Easy and quick setup compared to straps
  • Durable


  • Won’t allow you to drop the bar due to the hook


10. Grip Power Pads Pro Metal Lifting Steel Hooks

Grip Power Pads  lifting straps

When you are about to start strength training, the process of securing the lifting straps around their wrists and then the bar can sometimes be overwhelming. To speed the process along many heavy lifters turn to the lifting hooks in place of the straps.

Grip Power Pads Pro Lifting hooks work just like straps. These hooks have a non slip coating to assure the hooks as well as your grip do not slip. Couple that with the neoprene wrist straps and you have a design that weight lifters love.

Ideal for powerlifting, bodybuilding, and Nautilus equipment, these lifting hooks are a quick, easy, low cost way to support your wrists and enhance your grip.



  • Very durable
  • Comfortable on wrists
  • Speeds up workouts by avoiding need to wrap strap.


  • Won’t grip as well as straps
  • heavy
  • Cant grab the bar with your palm
  • To much reliance on the hooks



Final words


I hope at this point you have figured out and picked one from the above 10 Weightlifting Straps to maximize your weight training. If you are still struggling, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We will be more than happy to help you out in choosing the best weightlifting straps to meet your weight training needs. 



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