5 Best Rowing Machine Brands
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5 Best Rowing Machine Brands. A rowing machine helps you in sculpting your whole body (upper and lower). By being regular, you can achieve gym-like results at home.

As the body is relatively at a less strenuous position while using a rowing machine, the impact is low which makes the rowing machine a top choice in fitness equipment.

If you wanna buy one but have no idea what to pick, this list should not miss your eye.


5 Best Rowing Machine Brands


1. Concept2


The brand, Concept2 usually comes out on top because of the outstanding quality it maintains in its product range. When you visit a top-notch gym, you’re likely to spot the Concept2 rowing machines. This label is also a great choice for your home.

Concept2 is highly efficient and its products are excellently built. The rowing machines of Concept2 offer an experience of authentic rowing and have air resistance for smooth movement and low sound.

You get the best features bundled together at a good price range. Compared to other brands of rowing machines, the price range is high but given the features and functionality, this is not anything to complain about.

The monitors of the rowing machines are slightly small but it’s not a big issue as you don’t need it frequently. Feel free to pick any rowing machine from its range of rowing machines and you won’t be disappointed.

Most of the Concept2 rowing machines are comfortable for big feet. Tall people! Concept2 has you covered.


2. Stamina


Stamina is often struck off due to the low price tag. But, that’s where you go wrong. You should take a look at the versatility that its products possess.

Stamina rowing machines are available in hydraulic (X Water Rower), magnetic (1130 Magnetic) and air (X Air Rower) resistance models. Hydraulic resistance is much favored for use at home. You can shift your Stamina rowing machine from place to place in the house without searching for a wall socket (as Stamina rowing machines run on batteries).

Don’t be fooled by the small size of their rowing machines. They accommodate almost all foot sizes. The Conversion II is Stamina’s costliest indoor rowing machine that also serves a dual purpose as an exercise bike too.

Though the functionality is great, the machine’s parts wear off quickly. Periodic replacement may be necessary.


3. ProForm


ProForm is a manufacturer of budget-friendly rowing machines.

ProForm is known for the solid frame that supports the seat. The discomfort of the seat frame is always a major concern but the models from ProForm have adjustable wide seats. Want to work out for longer sessions? No problem.

If a dual benefit is your target, check out their Dual Trainer that serves as a bike and a rower.

Rowing machines are typically made of steel but ProForm uses aluminum for its rowing machines to ensure longevity.

Another benefit of choosing a ProForm rowing machine (especially the model 440R) is that you can fold it and move it by the wheels just like a trolley. If the space in your house is limited, you can finish your workout on the machine, fold it and put it on a shelf. It also has a big screen so that you can view your workout status from a distance.


4. Fitness Reality


Fitness Reality provides perfect value for the price.

Its rowing machine model, the 1000 Plus, supports Bluetooth connectivity. Though many rowing machines support USB connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity is an exclusive feature of Fitness Reality.

Its 4000MR is a magnetic rowing machine with a complete motion of the oars giving your arms a strong workout.

Bonus Tip: When you buy your rowing machine directly from Fitness Reality, they give you free shipping and extend the warranty by 1 year.


5. First Degree


Truly their products are of the first degree as they claim it. The durability and smooth movement are awesome in their own way.

Evolution E520 and Newport AR are their widely loved rowing machines. First Degree Newport AR is an ideal choice for your home workouts priced at an affordable range. Its handgrip is easy on your hands making you love your workout time.

Large monitor, free workout tracking software, and USB connectivity are some of the best features of First Degree rowing machines.

Although these 5 are on the top, you can also check other rowing machine brands before arriving at a conclusion.

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