5 Reasons Why You Should Own A Barbell Pad

5 Reasons Why You Should Own A Barbell Pad. Barbell pads are arguably one of the most utilized equipment used in the gym. They are specially used for lifting weights over the shoulders; barbell pads can come in handy while doing squats and lunges. Although there is a controversial debate about its usage not being accepted in competitions, it is excellent for training. Barbell pads offer tremendous benefits for squats and different exercises. Hence, the reason why a lot of people still make use of them to date. They are manufactured with high-density foam that cushions both the neck and weight bar.

If you’re thinking of getting a barbell pad or maybe still aren’t sure of how important they are, keep reading. Here are five reasons why you should own a barbell pad;


5 Reasons Why You Should Own A Barbell Pad




Having comfort is a must if you plan on getting gains as you exercise. This is precisely what a barbell pad does for you. A barbell pad would prevent direct contact of your body with the bar. This reduces the pressure that could cause prolonged aches in the neck, shoulder and back region.


Offers Adequate Support


Aside from being comfortable, exercising with weights, notably heavier weights require support. One of the worst things that could happen to a user is the weight slipping off while in use. Barbell pads help support the bar and prevent them from slipping and causing more damage to the user. With adequate support, achieving more reps becomes easier and more efficient.


Proper Form & Technique


A vital aspect of any exercise is the form and technique. Any alteration in the body or equipment placement may render the entire process useless. Hence, the proper form must be adhered to. Unless you’re a pro at lifting, you might notice that you have a problem with your form and posture. This could be as a result of the weight pressing against your back.

However, with a good quality barbell pad, you can easily find your balance, as it is comfortable.


Reduced Cases of Bruising


Bruising is usually normal, especially when lifting heavier weights. Although there is a lot of speculation about whether a barbell pad supports heavier weights, the benefit is undeniable. Heavier weights can cause more bruising and in rare cases, severe injuries. However, using a barbell pad protects its users against any risk of injury and bruising. Also, barbell pads made with good quality foam have shock-absorbing properties. This offers even more protection for its user.


Lightweight & Durable


Most barbell pads are very lightweight and are manufactured with a ‘one size fits all’ specification. They are very durable and convenient, which makes it easier to travel everywhere. Hence, you can easily throw it in a bag and can be on your way in the blink of an eye.


Wrapping It Up


5 Reasons Why You Should Own A Barbell Pad. Barbell pads are essential equipment for all weight lifters. Nevertheless, they can be used while trying out other fitness exercises like lunges. Although they are not allowed in competitions, owning one can make your entire process effective and efficient.

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