5 Reasons Why You Should Use Cannonball Grips

For some, “Cannonball Grips” is a term that is relatively new, not to mention, the 5 reasons why you should use Cannonball Grips.

In the next few paragraphs, I will explain why Cannonball Grips is an important piece to have in strength training.

As you know, Strength training exercises are super important for building muscles and strengthening certain parts of the body. These types of exercises often require specific equipment and accessories in other to be effective.

Unlike cardio that can be done with or without training equipment, strength or weight training usually requires weights.

The more weight you train your body to handle, the stronger it gets. However, strength training isn’t only about lifting weights, but also, about pulling weight (whether standalone or own weight).

As long as the body is exerted fully, it can be regarded as strength training.

In other to achieve the best gains and results, utilizing the right equipment or accessory that offers you support and help ease the entire process is almost indispensable. One of such type of training equipment is the Cannonball Grip.


What Is The Cannonball Grip?


anti slip cannonball grips

This piece is of equipment is designed to improve grip strength. Cannonball Grips help your overall grip-training exercises. It can be used for Pull-ups or attached to a Dumbbell, Barbell or Kettle Bell to improve grip strength across every part of your regimen.


5 Reasons why you should use Cannonball Grips


The following are some reasons why you should start using a Cannonball Grips:


Improved Grip Strength


The importance of having a great grip strength cannot be overemphasized when it comes to lifting weights. Unfortunately, not many people are born with great grip strength; however, it can be improved.

One major benefit of using Cannonball Grips is to enhance grip strength across every part of your body. The cannonball grip can be applied and used for all types of grip training exercises.

It will strengthen your wrist, forearm, and arms, during your training exercises. Having a great grip strength will enable you to engage easily in different amazing challenges like rock climbing.


Improved Muscular Coordination


Using the Cannonball Grip isn’t only beneficial to your grip strength, but also, to other parts of your body. Your muscle coordination improves drastically from exercising with Cannonball Grips overtime. It will help to strengthen the bones and keep the muscles in great shape.




Another major benefit in using the Cannonball grip is the fact that it is super versatile in regard to its usage. You can easily incorporate and apply this equipment in different aspects of your strength training.

Some perfect examples include; Pull-ups, Chin-ups, Farmer’s walk, and Rows. Attaching them to a Dumbbell also improves the strength in specific areas you want to improve.


Super Easy & Convenient To Use


It is a very known fact that the Cannonball grip is very easy to use. You do not need to stop one training exercise before switching into another training exercise. You can transition from a Pull-up to a Chin-up quickly without any hassle in minutes.

Also, you can use this equipment alongside others like the Clock grip for maximum results.



Extremely Durable


The best feature of any training equipment is durability. A good Cannonball grip is one that is crafted with the best materials to help withstand different weights easily. Hence, you can pull, hang and swing different weights without worrying about wearing and tearing — not every equipment is durable enough to facilitate this. 





If you have been wondering which equipment to use in other to improve your grip strength, then you should consider buying Cannonball Grips.  Adding the Cannonball Grips to your fitness regimen will improve strength across your body.

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