5 Weight Lifting Accessories That Will Boost Your Workout

In the next few paragraphs, you will learn about the 5 weight lifting accessories that will boost your workout. Before that, let me take you on a short spin around weight lifting and why it’s an integral part of health and fitness.

The benefits of weight training for leading a healthy lifestyle cannot be overemphasized. A major misconception amongst many inexperienced people is that “only athletes need strength or weight training exercises“. In reality, the opposite is the case.

Lunges, Sit-ups, Squats, Weightlifting or Strength training exercises are a “must-do” for all who want to get fit or desire a healthy lifestyle.


Benefits of Weightlifting


Certainly, weightlifting is a surefire way of building muscles. But that isn’t the only gain you get from weight lifting. Undergoing weight training also offers incredible benefits to your overall wellbeing (including mentally and emotionally) as confirmed by  Dr. Brad Schoenfeld.

That being said, the following are some of the benefits you stand to gain from weight lifting;


Strengthens the Bones & Improve Bone Density


Weight lifting and other forms of strength training exercises help improve the general health of your bones. It helps to prevent different types of ailments associated with the bone. It even helps with bone loss that come about as a result of aging.


Improves The Threshold For Physical Activity


Another benefit of weight lifting is the fact that it facilitates the easiness of carrying out other physical activities. With strengthened muscles and bones, you can carry out different activities effortlessly without worrying about being tired.


Generally Improves Your Quality Of Life


With all the laundry list of positive effects, you can achieve from weight training exercises. Most importantly, it leaves a positive impact on every aspect of your life — It helps you sleep and eat well, boost your metabolism, function better, etc. Generally, it improves the quality of your life.


5 Weight lifting accessories that will boost your workout


Although there are tremendous benefits you stand to gain from weight lifting, yet it can be stressful and strenuous to perform if you don’t have the right equipment and accessories. Without the necessary accessory, it can leave you with bruises and injuries.

With this in mind, It becomes essential to use the right accessory in other to achieve the best results in your weightlifting workout regimen.  Bear in mind, support, comfort, and safety are important factors to consider during weight training.

So what are the 5 weight lifting accessories that will boost your workout?


Weight Lifting Gloves

Trideer Weightlifting gloves

A huge part of weight lifting has to do with gripping weighted bars, barbells or dumbells. While some people might think it is not necessary to use a weightlifting, gym, workout or exercise glove during weight training. However, it does have a lot of benefits.

The most important being for “better grip”. For example, some people have naturally sweaty palms while others sweat on their palms during training — making their grip slippery and eventually causing the bar to slip out of their hands/grasp during weight training movements.

This can be annoying and dangerous, especially when heavier weights are involved. Aside from improving your grip on a weight bar, there are some gym gloves that also provide wrist support (wrist wraps). See the article The A-Z Guide To Weightlifting Gloves for more information.

Lifting weights can take a toll on your wrist, causing them to strain and eventually get bruised. Weight lifting with wrist support gloves helps to provide support to your wrist while preventing bruises and other severe cases of wrist injuries.


Lifting Straps

Cobra Grips PRO Weight Lifting Gloves

Weightlifting straps are another accessory to add to your arsenal of weight training kits. The idea behind lifting straps is to attach the weighted bar to your hand. Thus, providing support and making it easier to lift heavier weights for more extended periods.

Among other reasons, lifting straps also improve grip strength assures bar safety and comfort (especially if you are doing DEADLIFT).



Because people tend to lift more and more weight while using lifting straps, the wrist muscles become overused. Hence, why it is recommended to lift weights that are appropriate to your level of fitness. More so, when using the lifting straps, ensure that it is secured above the carpal bones and there are no excess movements of the weights. 


Barbell or Squat Pads

squat or barbell pads

Barbell or Squat pad is another useful accessory to add to your weight lifting armory. Barbell or Squat pads can be described by one word, “comfort.” These pads are created with high-density foam from shock-absorbing latex rubber or plastic. They provide comfort by reducing the pressure exerted on a specific part of the body during a workout routine.

Barbell pads, also, help with proper body placement during weight training. Adequate form and body posture while working out are necessary to prevent bruising and severe injuries.

Essentially, these pads are designed to provide comfort to your neck, shoulder, and upper back by taking away all the pressure from the area of impact, thus, reducing the risk of bruising and injury. 

Beginners to weightlifting who aren’t conversant with weighted squats. Squat pads can help with their form while mitigating the risk of getting injured. 

Furthermore, Squat pads make it possible for those that are recovering (with doctor’s permission) to lift again. 

Barbell or Squat pads are indeed a must-have for newbies to weight training and for those who take safety and comfort seriously.

Learn more about the benefits of Squat Pads.


Cannonball or Nunchuck Grips

Cannonball or Nunchuck Grips

Cannonballs or Nunchuck Grips are a new type of accessories designed to improve grip strength and Neuro-muscular endurance.

Fashioned after the old martial arts training/fighting equipment, Nunchaku, the Nunchuck Grips have so many benefits. The most important benefit being “for grip strength improvement”. 

Grip strength is vital for all strength training exercises, as they mostly involve pulling and gripping. However, the method for using Nunchuck Grips is quite different from other types of weightlifting equipment.

Nunchuck Grips are primarily utilized for pull-ups and chin-ups.

How does it work?

You attach the Nunchuck Grip to a bar on the power rack and then hold while engaging in pull-ups or chin-ups movements.

These exercises improve upper body strength as they work on the shoulders and upper back.


Weightlifting Belt


If you are aspiring to be a “fitness buff”, then weightlifting belt is another accessory you definitely want to have in your gym bag. 

What do weightlifting belts do? They help to increase and stabilize your core which in turn stabilizes your spine. Primarily, they increase lower back and abs stability — taking the stress (compressed forces) off the back during weightlifting.

Even though there are various types of weight lifting belts, yet they both serve the same purpose and can be used for either weight or powerlifting.


Wrapping It Up


Like I said earlier, support, safety, grip strength, and comfort are key to your weight training regimen. Without these, you might end up working out and not recording any success over a period of time.

Undeniably, the 5 weight lifting accessories that will boost your workout mentioned above will help to achieve your weight training goals.

Include these weight lifting accessories to your workout regime, and you will be thrilled by their effectiveness in your weight or strength training exercises.

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