7 Amazing Benefits of Elliptical Trainers for Runners

7 Amazing Benefits of Elliptical Trainers for Runners. Elliptical training is considered easier than running, but it is actually a great workout that puts less strain on your joints. You can burn more calories by adjusting the intensity levels of the elliptical. These machines are great for injured runners too.

There are different elliptical trainers in the market and if you’re getting one or going to try it at your gym, you can expect these 7 amazing benefits from it.


7 Amazing Benefits of Elliptical Trainers for Runners


1. Total Body Workout


When you’re shopping for a cardio machine, your first question would be whether it works the upper body or the lower body. But ellipticals burn calories from your entire body.

The arms are toned by pulling and pushing the handles. The thighs are toned with all the pedaling you do. An elliptical trainer works every muscle in your legs, including the glutes. You can also strengthen your core by balancing your body with it.


2. Build Stronger Bones


Weight-bearing exercises make your bones stronger. As training on an elliptical machine involves your feet, it too is a weight-bearing exercise and therefore strengthens your bones.

The muscles and bones work together, making the bones gain more mass. It results in denser bones that can withstand injuries.

Health professionals recommend patients with bone diseases like osteoporosis exercise on elliptical machines to prevent further brittleness of bones.


3. Help You Sleep Better


Sleep disorders like chronic insomnia will show bad impacts on your health in the long run. So, they shouldn’t be overlooked.

Exercising helps you get a good night’s sleep. To see the results, you should work out three to five days a week. Be patient as the improvement is gradual.

Remember to finish your workout at least two hours before you hit the bed.


4. Boost Cardio Stamina


Cardio workouts boost the health of your circulatory system. Elliptical training is a part of cardio, and it improves your aerobic capacity by increasing your body’s oxygen consumption. Your heart gets more blood, and lungs will get more oxygen. They function better than ever.

Soon, when performing a physical activity, you may sweat, but you wouldn’t run out of breath, thanks to your increased oxygen intake. You’ll also save yourself from several heart diseases in the future.


5. Low-Impact Exercise


Running is the first thing that comes to your mind when you are motivated to lose weight at once. It burns calories like crazy but also puts some stress on your joints.

Another popular option is HIIT, High-Intensity Interval Training. That’s true to its name and is super powerful, but not if your bones are weak.

It can take a long time for your bones to get healed from that wear and tear. So, instead of risking it, you can begin elliptical training and get equally great benefits without putting your bones under too much pressure.


6. Control Your Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar


Though elliptical training makes your heart pound, it never puts way too much pressure on your cardiovascular system, unlike many aerobic exercises. Your veins get just enough physical activity to keep your blood pressure under control. Patients with high B.P are advised to exercise every day.

It also helps in reducing your blood sugar and maintaining the insulin levels in your body. This, in turn, regulates your weight.


7. Rest During Your Race Prep


Athletic runners have to work hard to prepare themselves for an upcoming race. This can cause a strain on their muscles and they need to rest at regular intervals. On such days, running on an elliptical machine relaxes the muscles and yet, makes sure the legs don’t lose their track.

Set up your elliptical machine in front of the television or listen to music while exercising on it. Many elliptical machines now come with in-built speakers.

There are different elliptical trainers that offer more specific benefits. However, the 7 amazing benefits of elliptical trainers for runners are most common.

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