7 Common Airsoft Mistakes Made By Beginners

7 Common Airsoft Mistakes Made By Beginners. Airsoft is one of the Japanese survival games that became a favorite competitive sport for the world. Whether you are playing it as a recreational sport or want to become an experienced player, there are certain common mistakes you gotta avoid.


7 Common Airsoft Mistakes Made By Beginners


As a beginner, you may not be aware of your mistakes but here is a checklist.


1. Going wrong with your first weapon


If you are low on budget, try saving up to invest in buying your first airsoft gun.

But don’t compromise with a low standard gun. There is a wide array of guns out there and you may get lost in them only to end up buying the worst gun. Long-range, red dot view and accuracy are a few factors to test before you purchase.

Pistols are awesome but not as your first airsoft gun. This post will tell you about the pistols, as well. Hang in.


2. Buying many accessories


You are eager to get this sport going. Sure, your gun needs some accessories but overdoing the accessory game would make your gun heavy. Forget about the shooting, you won’t be able to carry it due to its weight.

Spare magazines and speedloaders complement each other and are required as chances of emptying your gun while playing is obvious. Choose your BBs wisely. Stay away from BBs high in weight unless you own a top-notch gun.


3. Making a bad choice of weapons


After you buy your gun, you may want to consider having other weapons in your sport-kit.

Shotguns are no good unless you become a gem in reloading. Sniper gun is useful when you hit the bull’s eye consistently without finding it bland. Sniper rifles and pistols are an excellent investment, as you get better and better in the sport.

You can choose pistols as your secondary weapons and then move to sniper rifles to keep your collection simple and worthy.


4. Not giving an ear to the rules


This is a bad thing no matter where you do it. To avoid ruining the game, know the rules. Otherwise, you’ll get onto your playmates’ nerves (though none may say it on your face).

The internet is your best friend for basics. Once you’re done, visit the airsoft community to learn their regulations (communities have a few regulations of their own). Remember that there will be many things to learn while playing.


5. Being aggressive instead of competitive


Airsoft is a competitive sport but you are not fighting against the army of a rival nation. Being violent, aggressive and going out of control is a big no. This is where you practice to calm down. Slow and easy!

Do not scream at your teammate if he cannot do well. He might be a beginner like you and pretty sure, he is competitive (else he wouldn’t be playing airsoft in the first place).


6. Fitness? What’s that like?


Sports demand physical fitness and airsoft needs no special mention. This sport entails a lot of moving (running). If you are someone who falls short of breathing after running a few meters, it is better to adjust your body to it before plunging into the game field. You don’t need to show abs to get the pass but neither should you struggle with moving your body while sprinting for that sniper shot. The sport will make you fitter but you can’t begin from zero.


7. Not maintaining your kit


Remember we called your weapon an investment in the beginning? Your investment needs proper maintenance. If you grab your kit on the weekend to go for your hobby and leave it on the shelf for the rest of the week, your weapons are not gonna last long and on the 4th weekend, your game is going to be awful.

Clean your guns often and weapon-check is a bonus if you are willing to do. This way, you can recognize where the gun needs a fix and get it prepared for the sport-day.

I hope you learned one or two from this article about 7 Common Airsoft Mistakes Made By Beginners?

Airsoft is a hobby you have chosen for the long run. Avoid these beginner mistakes and stay focused until you come up with expertise.

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