9 Weightlifting Gloves To Enhance Grip And Boost Workout

We consulted with Fitness Gurus to review the 9 Weightlifting Gloves To Enhance Grip and Boost Workout. 

As an avid weightlifter, you’re probably more than familiar with how the weights can start pressing on your skin over time (causing hand calluses) if they are not covered with a protective layer such as “workout gloves“.

Workout gloves do not only reduce hand calluses; they also allow enhanced grip and increased control and improved range of movement. But with so many choices, how do you know which ones are the best fit for your needs?


9 Weightlifting Gloves To Enhance Grip And Boost Workout


According to 6 Fitness Gurus across the US and Canada. GripOwl Workout Glove (Amazon 👈 click the link to buy on Amazon) or to click 👉 here to learn more about why this glove is the best for weight and strength training workouts.

However, the following weightlifting or workout gloves can help to boost your workout too.


1. NIKE Weightlifting Gloves (Locked Down Edition)


NIKE Men’s Lock Down work out gloves


Nike is a well-known brand. Sportsmen of various sorts and from various places use them the most, apparently due to popularity.

Now, these particular gloves are designed to cater to the needs of weightlifters who often find themselves with sweaty hands. As the manufacturers promise, these will keep your hands dry.

The secret recipe is their padded Dri-FIT fabric that lets the skin on your hands breathing even while you’re doing the most demanding of exercises. If you’re wondering why the middle finger is extended, don’t be; this is just for easier removal after you’re done with your exercises for the day.

Furthermore, the adjustable strap is there to ensure they stay firmly in place for the entire duration of the exercise. Worried about going overboard and damaging them? Well, for the first 30 days, you’re covered by a 30-day warranty.


The advantages according to fitness gurus:

  • Padded palms
  • Dri-FIT anti-sweat technology
  • Flexible wrist strap
  • Lightweight


  • No support around the wrist
  • Not fully breathable
  • Doesn’t last long



2. Harbinger Pro Gym Gloves


Harbinger Pro Wristwrap weightlifting glove


Working out regularly will do you good, there’s no doubt about it. But without the much-needed comfort, things can quickly get uninteresting and everything starts to feel like a drag. When that happens, the harbinger Pro wrist wrap is the way to go, these gloves are a good fit and are more than enough to ensure good control and a tight grip.

To make everything extra-stable, they come with wrist support that’s designed to prevent slippage during weightlifting.

The pure leather these are made from is designed to be the best fit possible for static kinds of exercises such as pull-up work and dumbbells. To keep your sweating to the very minimum, they are made from foam. There’s also wrap-around-thumb protection against abrasion.


The main characteristics of these gloves according to the fitness community:

  • Double-stitched workout gloves
  • Made from breathing pure leather
  • 90-day warranty
  • Thumb protection


  • Makes the grip extra thicker
  • Not breathable
  • Can smell bad if not washed regularly



3. Trideer Workout Gloves

Trideer Weightlifting gloves

These gloves, by their very design, will make each one of your weightlifting exercises as simple and straightforward as possible. The main objective is to eliminate the stress often associated with weightlifting while keeping your muscles relaxed. According to fitness guru, Bob Harper who has used this workout gloves reported they make exercising much more enjoyable.

Don’t let the name fool you, however, it is very common to see these gloves used for other activities besides weightlifting, some of which include cycling and other body workouts. Durability is at the forefront of Trideer‘s design. That being said, if you take a look at the Velcro strap and try fixating the gloves with it, you’ll be able to feel the added stability right away.

The material used on the palms will make sure you never expose yourself to potential injuries, ever. All in all, a great option for experts and beginners alike. Try it out for yourself! There is a 30 days return policy, so you can always return them if you end up not liking them for any reason.

And if you feel like that’s not enough, there’s a whole year warranty to cover you.


The advantages of these gloves according to the fitness community:

  • Elasticity and flexibility
  • A 30 days return policy
  • Versatile and can be used for any type of sport
  • Provides extra grip


  • Doesn’t really provide extra stability for the wrist
  • No fully breathable
  • Not best for heavy lifting 
  • Not flexible enough to provide wrist support
  • Makes grip really thick 




4. Under Armour Half-Finger Training Gloves For Men

Under Armour Men’s Flux Half-Finger

These modern-looking gloves will keep you cool and comfortable during your workout session no matter how intense they may be.

But they also won’t get in the way by any means if you decide to take it easy for the day and do some less demanding exercises.

Anyone who’s ever done sports will tell you how annoying it can be to deal with loosely-fitting gloves. With the Half-Fingered Armour Men’s Flux, you won’t encounter any such problems, as they make for a very snug fit.


These gloves are perfectly fine for wall-climbing and monkey bars, but also to carry stuff around without fear of hurting your hands.


When the workout gets tough, you’re going to get sweaty, and you know it. Luckily, these gloves are designed to keep the sweat at bay by employing a special breathable fabric (the so-called HeatGear technology). In other words, your hands will stay cool and dry.


The advantages of these gloves according to fitness experts :

  • Breathable fabric
  • Fits firmly
  • Versatility
  • Easy to wash


  • No support around the wrist
  • Doesn’t last long


5. New Ventilated Work out Gloves

New Ventilated Weightlifting Gloves

No matter how passionate you may be about weightlifting, you are probably not so passionate about calluses. Well, as luck would have it, these weightlifting gloves were designed to keep these to the bare minimum. 

Silicon Printed Neoprene is the material they’re made from; in humanly-understandable terms, this means they’re designed to resist water, heat, oils, and dangerous chemicals.

They’re versatile and suitable for a wide assortment of exercises (for both men and women). The Velcro they come with will ensure they stay on, firmly and support the wrist. As the name itself suggests, their breathable design will keep the odor and sweat at bay. In turn, this will prolong their lifespan due to having to wash them less often. This glove is said to be the best workout gloves 2019.


The advantages of this according to the fitness community :

  • Tight grip
  • Protects your palms
  • Wrist wraps
  • Velcro design
  • Versatility
  • Very breathable


  • Not durable


6. RDX Gym Gloves

RDX Weight Lifting Gloves

Why do we consider this glove the best workout gloves 2019? These gloves will make your exercises as effective and time-efficient as possible, all while providing maximum comfort at all times. If you’re serious and borderline hardcore about the weightlifting you do, these will serve you very well.

The materials used are of high quality – they are made from (the best Lycra your money can buy) will ensure your safety and provide comfort while you’re pushing for the limit. If you check behind the gloves, you will notice a 5 MM cushion along with the spandex material – this  will wave goodbye to sweaty palms and any kind of pain sustained during weightlifting.



Moreover, their versatility allows you to work out in peace, virtually doing whatever you want without having to worry about sweaty palms or injuring yourself.


The advantages of these gloves according to Billy Banks :

  • Best Lycra fabric on the market
  • Firm grip
  • High-quality leather designed to lessen the effects of wear and tear
  • Double wraps


  • Not fully breathable
  • Might get slippery if you start to sweat
  • Overtime start to smell due to sweaty palms
  • Not easy to wash



7. The Harbinger Power Workout Gloves
Harbinger Power Non-Wrist Wrap

These leather gloves will protect your hands until the end of time. No matter how long and how intensive your workout session may be, these will stay on firmly and won’t let you down. Allowing for a solid grip, they will always make you feel like you’re in control. The Lycra found within ensures maximum breathability and flexibility.

The thumb, as well as the rest of the fingers, are reinforced by a unique design, thus lessening the strain on your fingers during exercise. The strap is adjustable, allowing for a tight fit, and an increased level of control. In particular, these weightlifting gloves were designed to help you avoid nuisances i.e. blisters and wrist injuries, making them  favorite for women and those with sensitive skin


  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Half-finger design
  • Durable leather material
  • Includes Lycra to enhance comfort


  • No support for the wrist
  • Not fully breathable
  • Doesn’t support the wrist fully
  • Doesn’t prevent hand calluses




8. Trideer Double Protection Workout Gloves

Trideer Double Protection  Weightlifting Gloves

These gloves are a unique combination of beauty, design, and functionality. The quality microfiber is designed to be lightweight, providing you with everything you need to immerse yourself in the exercises in front of you and forget the world around you.


Bear in mind these are suitable for beginning weightlifters as well as the veterans, all while catering to the needs of other sports enthusiasts as well.


In other words, despite the fact they’re primarily designed for the former group, the latter will find them quite useful for plenty of exercises and other activities.

The breathable mesh design ensures your hands will stay dry and comfortable. Notice how these have an increased grip on the fingers and palms? This might just be the additional boost you need to attain your weightlifting objectives when pushing for the limit. For weighted training, cross-training, and body workouts, they are a natural fit. Apparently, another best workout gloves 2019.



Besides, look at how classy they look. If you find yourself hitting the gym on a regular basis, this is bound to impress the bystanders.


The advantages according to weightlifters who bought it:

  • Palms and back protection
  • Stylish design
  • 1-year warranty
  • Versatile and suitable for all purposes


  • Not fully breathable
  • Might get slippery if you start to sweat
  • Only one strap



9. Trideer Weightlifting Gloves with Wrist Straps

Trideer Weight Lifting Gloves with 18” Wrist Wraps Support

Whether you’re a regular weightlifter, a CrossFit enthusiast, or a gym-goer, these gloves excel at offering palm protection and wrist support.

Thanks to their clever design, the chances of injuring yourself during exercising are slim to none.

Finger, palm, and dorsum of the hand protection are at the forefront of their design. To go above and beyond in this regard, the gel you find in them will add to their overall comfort and ensure a firm grip.

Additionally, the wrist wraps are another safety component that won’t go unnoticed, allowing for a firm fit. They’re excellent for other sports activities too, so their use extends well over their primary weightlifting design.


The advantages of this gym glove include:

  • Versatile and multi-purpose
  • Silica gel allows for a terrific grip
  • 1-year warranty
  • Double straps
  • Prevent hand calluses


  • Not fully breathable
  • Might get slippery if you start to sweat
  • Only one strap
  • Makes the grip thicker



There you go the 9 Weightlifting Gloves To Enhance Grip and Boost Workout [2019 buying review]. No matter what you end up choosing, if it’s anything from the list presented above, you can hardly go wrong. After all, these are some of the best weightlifting gloves your money can buy, and it’s up to you to find something to accommodate both your budget as well as your personal preferences. Happy shopping!

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