GripOwl Workout Glove For Weight and Strength Training

GripOwl is a fitness and weightlifting accessories brand designed to make you push your limits in achieving your weight and strength training goals.

Whether you’re a pro-athlete, weekend warrior, or a mom on the go, GripOwl workout glove is designed for every type of workout, weight or strength training program.


GripOwl Workout Glove


These gloves use the finest quality materials, design and make use of the newest research to increase performance.

Take your workout to the next level with these cutting-edge gloves!

If you are looking for the best anti-slip and breathable gloves, then look no further than GripOwl workout gloves. From beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts, men and women, these gloves will optimize your performance in your workouts while protecting your hands, supporting your wrists, and increasing grip stability.




With wear-resistant microfiber, our gloves resist tearing. Nylon thread and two-way sewing provide better tear-resistance than most workout gloves


Finger Friendly


Elastic finger loops provide for a variant size range, greater mobility, and flexibility. These are designed slim to protect your fingers and remove bulk.


Superior Breathability


An open back of the hand allows for breathability and comfort during exercise. Fingerless stalls and bare at the knuckles are intentionally designed to provide flexibility and breathability while working out, weight or strength training.


Extra Grip


gripowl exercise glove



Palm is sheltered with both dotted and patterned silicone providing a superior grip for any training equipment — aiding you in enhancing the muscular strength training effect.


Silicone & Neoprene Padding


Research shows our 4-mm high-density EVA cushions provide necessary elasticity and will not distort under stress. The enhanced extra grip provides better control so you can lift 2x more weight comfortably without any training equipment slipping off your grip during CrossFit, Deadlift, Squat, or Barbell Curl routines.


Spandex Fabric


Providing increased elasticity and durability. This material reduces the sweat and perspiration in your hands during casual workouts, weight or strength training (preventing slippage). Material is easy to wash and dries up faster.


Nano Cotton


Nano foam padding to provide comfort, absorb shock and protect the hands from hand calluses and blisters during workouts (weight or strength training) Increasing efficiency and allowing for more repetitions.


6 CM Wrist Wrap


It provides support and protects the wrist from calluses, pain, and conventional wrist injuries that occur during snatches, lunges, squats, and balance routines. Disperses the weight from the fitness equipment, reducing the pressure on the palm

Go beyond your personal best and add a pair of GripOwl gloves to your cart TODAY!


Size Guide


size chart


You can determine your size from this size guide below


Men’s Size InchesCMWomen's SizeInchesCM
M 7.5 -829S6.517
L 8.5- 923M718
XL 9.5-1025L7.519


Final thoughts


The GripOwl workout glove is evidently the most efficient glove for weight and strength training. These gloves according to weight lifters and fitness enthusiasts provides support for strength, fitness, and weight training exercises.

They also help to protect the hand and wrist from blisters and calluses. These gloves are categorized using three major metrics; wrist support, the area covered, and material used. Let’s take a look at the different types of GripOwl gloves under these categories.


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