Home Gym Equipment Maintenance Tips
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Home gym equipment maintenance tips. What can be more annoying for a fitness buff than waking up in the morning to notice a faulty gym equipment?

Maintaining your workout equipment constantly is one of the golden rules to prolong its lifespan.

Failure of one of your equipment also means a great inconvenience to you, because it will disrupt your fitness regimen and you risk getting injured. 

In other to avoid such inconveniences, we will share practical tips on how to maintain your gym equipment. Before that, do you know there are two types of planned maintenance for gym equipment? The two ways to maintain your gym equipment are given as follows:

  • Corrective maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance.


Corrective maintenance


This type of maintenance requires the help of a gym engineer or maintenance specialist. Ideally, your workout equipment provider should provide you with after-sales service, which usually includes gym maintenance.


Preventive Maintenance


This type of maintenance requires you to periodically overhaul your gym equipment and have a complete maintenance session every six months. This way, you will not have to deal with sudden faulty gym equipment. Instead, you will extend the life of the gym equipment.


Home gym equipment maintenance tips


Home Gym Equipment Maintenance


Keeping your workout equipment or weightlifting accessory in good condition is paramount not only for the equipment itself but also for you (saves you money and prevent injuries). Fitness equipments are generally subjected to stress (which causes wear and tear); thus, having a planned maintenance strategy in place is very important if you want the gym equipment to last long.

The following are 7 practical tips on how to maintain your gym equipment properly. 


#1 Buy a good, well-known gym equipment brand


We already know that quality brands are expensive. That doesn’t mean we should reduce quality by paying a little less. We want to train comfortably and safely,  and that can sometimes mean we have to pay more

If you buy good quality bodybuilding or fitness equipment, it will last a lifetime, and you will enjoy your training sessions. 


#2 Clean your gym equipment regularly


Keep your workout equipment clean at all times. Buy a gym wipe dispenser and sports cleaning spray. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure that you use the correct cleaning products. Failure to do this might risk damaging the equipment.

Dusting and cleaning “over time dirt” from the equipment at the end of each day will prevent clogging the vents or overheating the mechanism of the equipment.

Another valuable tool to have is a small towel that can be used to wipe off sweat and other particles from the equipment before and after using it.

Your workout equipment can be a breeding ground for diseases. Thus, using a disinfectant solution from time to time is necessary.


#3 Check the manuals


Always read your fitness equipment manuals to know how to go about maintaining the equipment. Avoid guesses, as this may risk damaging your equipment and possibly causing injuries to you.  Follow the instructions in the manual religiously. If there is something you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to contact the gym manufacturer or seller.


#4 Lubricate your treadmills


Even the best treadmills or durable pieces of workout equipment need some lubrication from time to time. Consider the same for ellipticals, bicycles or any other device in constant motion and stress.

You should keep in mind that each machine/equipment is unique — the way you maintain bicycles and ellipticals is not entirely the same way you will care for weight-training machine equipments. You can lubricate your treadmills with Spray Silicone Lubricants, Oil, and other types of lubricants weekly, monthly, etc. depending on the instructions in the manual.



#5 Update the Software


These days, gym equipment comes with all kinds of technologies. For example, we have equipment that includes systems that measure the speed at which a type of physical activity is carried out; the distance traveled or calories burned.

These systems need to be maintained in other for it to properly function, i.e. updating the software. Since sweating is inevitable when we exercise, protecting the equipment from sweat or water is important to avoid circuit corrosion. In case of technical problems, address it immediately, don’t wait until it gets worse.


#6 Avoid equipment misuse


Don’t use the gym equipment for any other purpose other than what it was designed for. For example, you should avoid using the fitness equipment for fitness exercises that were not included in the manual. This may cause the equipment to work extra hard, thereby reducing the life of the equipment by years. It is possible that your gym equipment might not be designed to handle any other type of fitness training. Except, of course, you have a multifunction home gym equipment like the Marcy multifunction steel home gym 150lb stack mwm-988



#7 Take notes of equipment usage


Equipment for cardio and resistance is often the most widely used in most homes. Take notes of how many times you use the equipment. Check to see if there is any information in the manual that suggests how often you should use the gym equipment. If there is none, follow your best judgment and monitor the equipment functionality. If you notice any weird noise, have it checked by a gym engineer before it becomes expensive to repair or gets you injured. 




If you follow these home gym equipment maintenance tips, your workout equipment will last long, you will save money and possibly prevent gym-related injuries. If you know of any other ways to maintain fitness equipment that was not discussed in this article, let us know in the comment section below.

We will review it and if need be update the article.

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