How Fitbit Charge 2 HR Make Staying Active A Fun Social Activity

By now you should have heard about the Fitbit HR wristbands, a smart wearable device aimed at integrating fitness into your everyday life. You might be thinking, “Well doesn’t my regular smartwatch do the same thing?” but the truth of the matter is that a Fitbit HR wristband goes beyond the capabilities of your typical smartwatch. This smartwatch makes staying active a fun social activity. You will learn about this as you read. Before that let’s briefly look into why the Fitbit was created


Why was the Fitbit Charge 2 wristband created?


Like every other device created to serve a purpose. This device was designed with one sole purpose in mind; Fitness. More importantly, it takes into consideration everything else you do while you’re not actively exercising. This could be anything from a walk to the store to playing with your dog outdoors. Basically everything and anything that contributes to your fitness.

However, Fitbit Charge HR bands are more than just a wearable device. There is an entire culture surrounding the concept of integrating fitness into your everyday actions and with an online leaderboard system, staying motivated is even easier than ever imagined.


What Fitness Data does the Fitbit HR band Collect?


Let’s take the Fitbit charge 2 HR bands as an example, it tracks a wide range of activities and translates it into an easy to read a report that can be seen via the App or the Login Page on the Fitbit Website.

Essentially, it will track distance walked, steps taken, calories burned, sleep activity, and active minutes. All of this information will seamlessly translate into a dashboard where you can set specific goals to help achieve fitness thresholds.



Perhaps you want to run a marathon or simply drink more water, Fitbit can help you out in all of this and much more.


How Fitbit Charge 2 HR Goes Social


One of the leading ideas behind Fitbit is to create a community of “active people”. With this, they provided users with the ability to make groups, leader boards and activities to achieve.

This creates a unique competitive dynamic motivating people to stay fit while being social.

As a result, Fitbit has sold millions of devices around the world.


They made staying active a fun social activity which sounds like it would require less effort than “working out” or “Going to the gym”. In a sense, they hacked the idea of exercise and made it social


A Big Reason


Not to mention that they have a flower on the device that will grow the more active you are. Think of it as your fitness Tamagotchi — whereby if you’re not moving…you slowly make it wither into nothingness.

To be honest, it’s a genius way of getting the average person to get more active. With the introduction of technology, we’ve become infinitely more stationary in our day-to-day life. How much time are you spending sitting down, watching something on Netflix or simply working. I bet by now you are starting to get how the Fitbit Charge 2 HR wristband plays on our psychological being?


Final thoughts


Fitbit is a way for you to not only track your fitness levels when you’re actively working out but everything in between. You’ll quickly realize that by making simple changes in your day-to-day activities can greatly increase your overall fitness and well being.

If you have always wondered how Fitbit charge 2 HR makes staying active a fun social activity. I believe by now you have the answers.

Furthermore, if you’ve been contemplating whether to buy the Fitbit Charge 2 HR wristbands and accessories. I can tell you with certainty that you would be more active and healthier than ever before after purchasing one. It’s certainly a solid investment that will definitely deliver value over time.

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