Workout Glove with Wrist Wrap for Weight Training


✔️ SILICONE & NEOPRENE PADDING: the GripOwl workout glove is padded with silicone, neoprene, and microfiber to enhance grip and to provide friction. Thus, making you lift 2x more weight comfortably without any feeling of the bar slipping off your grip during CrossFit, Deadlift, Squat, Barbell Curls, etc Training.

✔️ SPANDEX FABRIC: GripOwl gym glove is made of Spandex fabric for elasticity and durability. This material reduces the sweat and perspiration in your hands during casual workouts, weight or strength training (preventing slippage). Material is easy to wash and dries up faster.

✔️ NANO COTTON: Nanofoam padding to provide comfort, absorb shock and protect the hands from hand calluses and blisters during workouts (weight or strength training) — overall increasing efficiency (MORE REPS).

✔️ 52-53 cm WRIST WRAP: this weightlifting glove has a 52 cm (M) 53 cm (L) cm Wrist Wrap Support to provide support and protect the wrist from wrist calluses, pain, fatigue and other wrist injuries that often occur while doing snatches, clean and jerks, squats, etc. Thus, this glove increases your efficiency to train smarter and harder.

✔️ BREATHABILITY: Our workout glove has fingerless stalls and bares at the knuckles. Designed to reduce sweat, keep the hands dry and to provide flexibility and breathability which are very important for your hands while working out, weight or strength training.

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Workout Glove with Wrist Wrap for Weight Training. This new Workout Glove is designed for Weight, Fitness and Strength Training With provide you with Full Palm and Wrist Protection, which will eventually prevent hand and wrist Calluses.


Sizing Guide

Men’s Size

Small – 7 inches 18 CM

Medium – 7.5 -8 inches 29 CM

Large – 8.5- 9 inches 23 CM

Xtra Large – 9.5-10 inches 25 CM

Women’s Size

Xtra Small – 6 inches or 15 CM

Small – 6.5 inches 17 CM

Medium – 7 inches 18 CM

Large – 7.5 inches 19 CM

Xtra Large– 8-9 inches 20 CM

Additional information

Weight0.13 kg
Dimensions7.48 × 5.5 × 0.8 in

Large, Medium

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