These Simple Exercises Will Transform You Into A Beast

These Simple Exercises Will Transform You Into A Beast. Are you out of breath after climbing just one floor via stairs? Or you can’t hold a toddler over 20 minutes without huffing and puffing? Well, these are the signs that imply your stamina and strength levels are dead low.

You don’t have to worry any more or stock up on energy bars because you can increase your stamina and strength with a few exercises.


These Simple Exercises Will Transform You Into A Beast 



Climbing Stairs


Wherever you go, be it a mall, your office, your apartment, use stairs instead of the elevator. This small step makes a huge impact on your overall fitness and stamina levels. Climbing stairs is a low-impact activity which strengthens your leg muscles while shedding those calories. Moreover, according to a study taking the stairs improves your balance, posture and lowers resting heart rates. These reasons are compelling enough to take the stairs as often as possible.




Notice yourself getting out of breath? Now is a great time to enroll yourself in those swimming classes. Swimming is an excellent cardio exercise which increases your endurance and stamina. Because water is denser than air, your body works twice or thrice as hard underwater, making you breathe more active while pushing against the water that shoots up your stamina levels. Taking a swim 3 times a week is enough to gain stamina and muscle strength.


Exercises that Will Transform Into A Beast




Another low-impact aerobic exercise is cycling, which is also a fun way to improve fitness and health. Taking a bike to run errands is a great way to combine exercise in your daily routine while being environmentally efficient. You can get an exercise bike through which you can adjust intensity levels for greater endurance. But, make sure you check the product description because only a few exercise bikes are capable of increasing intensity levels allowing you to push your limits.




Running is an excellent cardiovascular exercise for the total body and an easy way to improve overall fitness. The secret to gain the amazing benefits of running is consistency. 30 minutes of running per day can do wonders to your cardiovascular fitness while strengthening your bone and joints. Also, running improves your mood, runner’s high is a real thing my friends, grab your running shoes now.


Weight Lifting


Now that you’ve warmed up to the idea of taking the stairs, cycling, running and swimming, it’s time to hit those weights. Weight lifting exercises combined with high-intensity interval training works exceptionally great in strengthening your muscles and boosting stamina. Include an overhead press with a jump squat or combine a deadlift with a burpee. Find out what works best for you because these two exercises are amazing for getting maximum strength and stamina.


Squats And Lunges


These leg burners not only help you in building strength but also improve your balance. Squats build your muscle mass whereas lunges are great for coordination and muscle strength. These two exercises are so versatile they can be included in any routine and in any form. To name a few there are squat jumps, sumo squats, ski squats, squats with leg raise, etc. In lunges you have forward, reverse or side lunges, pendulum lunge, walking lunge and so on. If you want toned and sexy legs while boosting your strength, then don’t miss out on squats and lunges.


Planks And Push-ups


Plank is a strength-building exercise which is great for core strength and stability. By holding the plank longer you not only shed some calories, but your body builds up endurance that is important for boosting stamina. Whereas, push-ups are great for building upper body and lower back strength in a fast and effective manner. Increase your push up reps each day to build endurance which in turn improves stamina.

Now that you know the exercises, workout with consistency so you can carry all your grocery bags from the front porch to the kitchen without panting. It is also important to combine meditation and yoga with exercise to keep a balance between mind and body.

A stronger mind has a stronger body and vice-versa.