What To Look For In A Shaker Ball Or A Whisk Ball?

You’re getting ready to go to the gym for your daily workout. You have your protein shake blended and ready to be poured into your shaker cup only to find that you can’t find the shaker ball.

Annoyingly, you simply can’t seem to find your Shaker ball or Whisk ball anywhere. Frustrated you take your Shaker Bottle and walk out the door knowing that in a few hours, you’re going have to shake that bottle hoping you get an even mix.

Fortunately, the manufacturers of shaker bottles have taken this problem into consideration and have plenty of shaker balls available for replacement.

The problem? There are so many different models and units to choose from and it can be a nightmare sifting through hundreds of product pages and deciding on the perfect one.

Today we’re going to be demystifying shaker balls or whisk balls entirely.


Different Type of Shaker Balls


types of mixing balls for protein shakes


One of the things you’ll immediately notice when scouring Amazon for the perfect Whisk Ball is that there are thousands of them. Some are made specifically for shaker bottles [for fitness] while others are made for alcoholic shakers.



The first thing you’ll need to look at is whether the shaker ball is meant for your shaker bottle or for alcohol beverages. Then, you’ll need to see if you want a solid piece, wired piece or a rubber piece. All of them have their pros and cons but we have found that the Wired metallic Whisk balls are the best for mixing.



How Much do they cost?


You typically won’t spend more than $10 in finding replacements. In fact, most of these replacement shaker balls come in packs of four for under $10. We suggest finding a good deal where you can get a pack of at least four. This will ensure that even if you lose one, you’ll always have a spare on hand.


Beware of stainless steel shakers balls that aren’t food grade. There are many (150) grades of stainless steel. Some say the standard and safest food grade product is 18/8 (meaning it contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel). The higher the numbers the more rust-resistant the product will be. How to tell a high quality stainless steel


In fact, buy several packs. You would be surprised at how easily these whisk balls can get lost or damaged. It’s better to be prepared than to be left shaking your shaker bottle violently to get an even mix.


Read Customer Reviews For Shaker Balls [Verified Purchases]




One thing that you should do with every Amazon purchase, or any purchase online for that matter, is to go over the “Verified purchase reviews”. Why? Many companies pay people to write fake reviews to dupe consumers into buying their inferior products.

Only pay attention to the Verified Purchases and make sure that they have a consistent message. If the vast majority or 4 out of 5 verified customers say it’s good…then you can believe them. This is something that you should do with any and all future purchases to ensure that you’re getting quality products every single time.

That being said, sometimes you may find a product with no reviews — that doesn’t mean that the product isn’t genuine or not worthy of buying. It might just be a newly launched product. Remember, every product started off as a new product (with no reviews). Thus, put this into consideration before making your judgment.


Final thoughts


We know it can be annoying to find replacement pieces for your gear, but when it comes to buying shaker balls, it’s actually quite easy. We recommend stocking up on these in order to not go through the process of finding the right supplier whenever you lose your replacements.

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