How A Large Travel Coffee Tumbler Can Promote Creativity

There isn’t any question that happiness can unlock your powers of creativity. When your mind is happy, it sets your creative juices flowing. And, there’s nothing that can induce happiness even more than a large travel coffee tumbler filled with the piping hot beverage of your choice.

Happiness also improves your immune system, meaning you feel healthy enough to work on your creative pursuits. With a large travel coffee mug tumbler


1. Listen to ambient noise with one of your large coffee mugs in tow


For those of you who believe that creativity is exclusive to artsy types, think again. As with anything else, practice makes perfect. The good news is creativity can be developed.

Consider what happens to your psychological makeup when you step out of your comfort zone. It opens up a whole new world, and you realize the step you took wasn’t as scary as you thought. And, within this new world, you can find another comfort zone barrier to break.

The same is true for creativity. The more you practice, the more you can develop your skills. So, try listening to ambient noise while sipping slowly from a large coffee  mug  — focusing on the ambient noise as you enjoy your warm beverage.



Here’s a tip: The level of noise should be moderate and not loud. In fact, some agree they feel more creative working at a coffee shop. It’s a good thing you have your own mugs to take with you.


2. Try something new

There is something to be said about finding inspiration in something new. Have you ever taken a trip to a new city or country, and have come back home feeling like a new person with a different perspective on life? Did you feel even a bit more creative?

Viewing different landscapes can inspire creativity deeply held within you. If you can’t afford a dream vacation to the Maldives or the EuropeMaldives, you can always look at landscapes via Google images or a related site. Fill your large coffee mugs with some warm, mulled apple smoothie and feel your creative juices growing.

If you read our article, Five Reasons to Start Thinking About a Tumbler with Lids, you’ll notice that you can interchange your large travel coffee tumbler with your reusable tumbler too.


3. Read as much as you can

Whether it’s for work or pleasure, pick up some new reading materials. In the crisp fall and winter evenings, there is nothing more pleasurable than a large travel coffee mug filled with a hot mocha and reading through the night.

Reading even helps improve your creativity at work. When you open your mind to new ideas, you also improve your overall levels of creativity.


4. Get social



For many people, the act of socializing can be scary. What if people don’t like you? What if they think you’re weird? What if you can’t think of anything to spark a conversation? Well, you’re not alone. Many people you meet have the same thoughts running around in their head.


Here’s the thing: Most people are more worried about what they’re doing to even remember if you had a minor hiccup in conversations.


And, here’s something else: When you socialize with others, you improve your knowledge about the world which can help inspire creativity. Just learning about how others live their lives, might inspire you to make changes.

Meet someone for a hot drink, and, bring your large travel coffee tumbler with you. It can be a conversation starter. Tell them where you got it, and how it helps you get through your day. When you return home, you’ll feel refreshed and more creative.


Final thought

There you have it. Four ways to inspire creativity. What other methods have you used to inspire creativity? 

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