5 Reasons Why Shaker Bottle Is Trending On Amazon

Shaker bottles have become increasingly popular. If you visit Amazon, you will notice that these bottles are among the trending items in both the United States and Canada.

Which begs the question, “Why are Shaker bottles so popular when they look relatively regular?”. Well, the truth is that the Shaker bottle is not just a regular bottle — it is specially designed for a purpose and has its own unique features.

Below are some of the reasons why Shaker bottle is trending on Amazon:


1. Increased Demand for Nutrition and Fitness


People all over the world are gravitating towards health and fitness. The increased probability of suffering from lifestyle diseases has scared people straight. More and more people are taking up exercise, eating healthy and even taking supplements. The Shaker bottle caters to these needs.


What is a Shaker Bottle?



blender bottle protein shaker cup



The Shaker bottle, “Mixer Bottle”“Shaker Cups”,  “Protein Shaker” or “Blender Bottle as it is formally called is a concept first introduced by BlenderBall®. It was first introduced in 2004 and has since been the household name for shaker bottles or shaker cups.

The Shaker bottle can serve as a portable water bottle that you can use to stay hydrated. It can also be used as a protein bottle shaker — to mix up protein shakes in other to give you the extra edge before, during and after an exercise routine.


2. Easy and Smooth Mixing


One of the unique features of protein shaker bottles is the fact that most come with a wire whisk.

What is a wire whisk or blender ball?


types of mixing balls for protein shakes


Wire whisk sometimes called blender ball, shaker ball or whisk ball is an invention that has helped to solve the problem of lumpy protein shakes replacement. This whisk ball provides for consistent and smooth mixing of protein shakes.

Once you put your ingredients into the bottle, drop the whisk in and shake well. This whisk breaks down the ingredients (protein shake lumps) then combine them into a flawless mixture   this is the main reason why the blender bottle is iconic and has become the people’s shaker cup.

There are different types of whisk wires, blender ball or shaker balls ( as you can see in the image above) and apparently, there will be more designs in the coming future.



3. Wide Range of Shakes


Another benefit of the Shaker bottle is that there are many things you can whip with it. Apart from protein shakes, you can mix your meal replacements and smoothies as well. You can do all this on-the-go. For people who are relatively busy but still want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and routine, this bottle comes in handy.

It is also popular because it maintains the temperature of the mixture, whether hot or cold (although this depends on the bottle material i.e. insulated stainless steel, metal, plastic etc).


4. Leak and spill-proof Lid


Most water bottles are only useful if you are not moving around. If you sit at a desk all day, any regular bottle can do the trick. However, a regular bottle will not work if you have to: move from one place to another, carry your bottle in a bag, or go jogging with your bottle in hand.

Hence why people prefer the Shaker bottle because it doesn’t leak or spill. The bottle comes with a screw-on lid which seals all the contents inside. You no longer have to worry about spilling your shakes or water as you go through your daily routine.


5. Easy to Carry and storage compartments


Some Shaker bottles have an adjustable loop. This is convenient if you want to carry your bottle by hand or even hang it on your bag as you move around. It is great for the gym or outdoor exercise. You can even use it has a “travel tumbler” if it is a stainless steel protein shaker bottle or has a double wall 304 stainless steel finish.

Furthermore, you can secure items such as gym locker keys by hanging them on the loop.

Storage compartments

Some mixer bottle comes with a storage compartment of different types. The video below is a mixer bottle with a storage compartment at the bottom.



And the one below is a two compartment protein shaker





These are the 5 reasons why Shaker bottle is a trending item on Amazon. Aside from their numerous benefits. Once you own this protein mixer, you get to experience convenience whether you want water, a simple shake or a smoothie.

As you can see, there are different designs and sizes to choose from. Which means that there is a bottle for everyone based on their irrespective needs.

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