Do Not Buy A Protein Shaker Bottle If It Doesn’t Have These Features

If you’re looking online for the perfect shaker bottle to buy or you just want to know more about shaker cups, you have come to the right place. With so many options to choose from, it can be frustrating at times.  For this reason, we have put together important factors to consider when buying a shaker bottle.

For those of you who don’t exactly know what a shaker bottle or shaker cup is all about — it’s a container used to hold mixed drinks such as protein shakes, smoothies and the likes.

You might be wondering; why would anyone need a special container to hold protein shakes or smoothies? Well, it really comes down to gravity. You see, when you make a protein shake or a smoothie, you’ll have a mixture of liquid and solids (lumps). How to avoid lumps in your whey protein shakes


Do Not Buy A Protein Shaker Bottle If It Doesn’t Have These Features


Over time, the solids within the container float to the bottom. A shaker bottle solves this problem because it usually comes with a Shaker Ball that helps to evenly mix the liquid inside.

Now that we know what a shake bottle is used for, let’s take a closer look at what you need to consider prior to purchasing a shaker cup.




Does it work properly?


Obviously, the most important thing to look out for when buying a shaker bottle is whether or not it works properly. By that we mean, does it meet the objectives of a protein shaker cup?

Which are:

  • Able to mix protein powders perfectly
  • Leak and spill proof
  • Has provision for a firm grip or handle

There is no point in purchasing a shaker bottle if it won’t achieve its basic functionality. Always make sure, irrespective of whether you buy on eBay, Amazon or Etsy, that you read the user reviews of verified purchases whether or not it mixes well or not.


Is it Dishwasher Safe?


Another thing you definitely have to look out for is whether or not it’s dishwasher safe. Not all Shaker Bottles are dishwasher ready. For instance, the metallic shaker cups usually tend NOT to be dishwasher safe despite the fact that they can keep your liquids cooler or warmer for longer. Though some stainless steel shaker bottles are dishwater safe.

Why should you look out for a dishwasher-safe shaker cup? Let’s say you hit the gym in the morning and then went straight to work. You had your protein shake in your shaker bottle in the morning and just threw it in the back seat. A few days later you realize that your shaker bottle is still in the car.



The moment you open up your shaker cup you’ll immediately be welcomed with a rancid stench that can cause anyone around to throw up. In this case, you’ll thank the internet gods that you bought a dishwasher-safe Shaker Bottle.

Shaker bottles made out of plastic tend to develop odors over time. This is where the stainless steel protein shaker bottles are at an advantage.




Does it come with Extras?


Finally, you’ll want to see whether or not your Shaker Bottle will provide you with that extra “umph”. What would these extras look like?

For starters, does it have :

Side measurements in ml, ounces, and quarts? — this will allow you to measure effectively how much protein powder and liquids you throw into the bottle.

Compartments? — you’ll want to see if it has dry storage units. Some Shaker Bottles come equipped with dry storage units where you can store protein powder or protein pills. This is not essentially necessary, but it does provide you with more functionality which couldn’t hurt.


Final thoughts


It all depends on what you are looking for in a shaker bottle. Some people prefer self-stirring shaker bottles, while others prefer the manual shaker cups. Some prefer shaker cups with compartments, the list goes on.

Whatever the case may be, don’t buy a protein shaker bottle if it doesn’t have the basic features explained above. Again, the choice is yours.

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