What to Look for in a Shaker Bottle When Buying on Amazon

What is a Shaker Bottle? A Shaker bottle is a customized container used to hold your protein shakes, smoothies and other beverages that require “mixing”. As you know, when you prepare a protein shake or a smoothie, the solid pieces or the “heavier” pieces tend to float to the bottom of the container.

A Shaker Bottle helps keep the liquid evenly mixed by adding in a Shaker Ball or a Whiff to help mix the solids and the liquids. While there are plenty of options for Shaker Bottles or Shaker Cups on Amazon, it is important to know what to look for prior to making a purchase.

Today we’ll be walking you through 6 important points to look out for when buying a Shaker Bottle on Amazon.


Shaker Bottle Tip 1 – Does it Mix well


What’s the point of buying a Shaker Cup if it doesn’t do what it is supposed to do? The first and most important thing to look out for is to read customer reviews on the purchase you’re about to make. Look for anything that relates to the “mixing ability” of the shaker bottle you’re thinking of buying.

If you see more than three comments along the lines of, “It’s okay, however, it’s got a hard time to mix the smoothies…” or anything similar to that, it’s best to search for an alternative option.


Shaker Bottle Tip 2 – Is it leakproof?


Next, we’ll be looking at whether or not any of the liquid inside leaks. Why have a bottle that you can’t just throw into your gym bag? Make sure that there are no negative comments about the product you’re thinking of buying relating to whether or not the shaker cup leaks.


Shaker Bottle Tip 3 – Durable


How strong is your Shaker Cup? Is it hard plastic or soft plastic? If you drop it, will it crack? You need to invest something that will deliver value over time, if the shaker bottle breaks after a few knocks…then you’re back to square one.

Also, considering that you’ll probably be taking this to the gym with you, throwing it in your gym bag, you don’t want it to break and ruin all your clothes.


Shaker Bottle Tip 4 – Dishwasher Safe


One thing that you need to know about Shaker Bottles is that they can smell incredibly funky if you forget to wash it. You might have forgotten your protein shake in the bottle for a few days in your car, you are definitely NOT going to want to clean that you with your hands.

Thus, making sure that it’s dishwasher safe will save you many hours of unpleasant cleaning. Trust me when I say, you will at some point in time forget one of your shaker bottles in the car…and when that day comes you’re going to be very happy about the fact that it is dishwasher safe.


Shaker Bottle Tip 5 – Is it Affordable?


Obviously, when selecting a Shaker Cup it shouldn’t empty your pockets. You should spend no more than $30 on a pro-Shaker Bottle. Anything above this threshold is a waste of money.


Shaker Bottle Tip 6 – Does it come with Extras?


What do we mean by extras? Does it have side measurements? Dry storage units? All of these extras come to play when selecting your ideal shaker bottle. Look out for extras!

When you go over all of these different elements when selecting your ideal shaker bottle, you should have no problem honing in on the best one for you. Happy hunting!

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