Fitbit Charge 2 Band – Is This Fitness Tracker As Good As They Say It Is: Fact or Fiction?

Fitbit charge 2 band is said to be for people who are serious about improving their health and fitness, finding the right resources can be instrumental in achieving your health and fitness goals.

Fitbit wristband is one of these resources that can seriously help you improve your overall health and fitness. Considering that it helps collect vital information relating to your daily activities —  that will help to paint a picture on how healthy you currently are and encourage you to establish achievable goals that can be pursued every single day.

Irrespective of how awesome the Fitbit Charge 2 band is, you’ll still need to be disciplined enough to invest your time and effort in order to achieve the results you seek.

Before you go online and buy any of the Fitbits i.e. Charge 2 HR, Alta HR, Alta, Flex 2, Ace or Zip. let’s look a bit closer at what you can expect from your these devices.


Fact – Fitbit will track essential data to help improve your health


The main function of the Fitbit charge 2 band is to collect valuable data to help you improve your health. The data it will be recording include;

  • Distance Walked
  • Flights of Stairs Climbed
  • Heartbeat
  • Sleep Patterns
  • Calories Burned
  • Steps Walked

It has the ability to track exercises as well

With this information, you can access the Fitbit App which will help you visualize your current activity output. Additionally, the app establishes health thresholds and objectives for you to pursue.

Understanding your current activity output will show you areas of improvement where you can make minor changes in other to increase your health and fitness.

Think of the Fitbit like your “health buddy”.



Fiction – Fitbit works with everyone


Of course the device can be purchased by anyone, however, unless you are committed to actually doing the work, the device won’t improve your health and fitness the least bit. It’s like anything

health related really, there is no device that simply makes you skinnier and healthier without some work from your part involved.

If you think that by simply buying this device you’ll lose weight, you’re mistaken. This is more about painting an accurate picture and providing incentive for you to stay fit.


Fact – The Fitbit helps in other areas…not just fitness


This is true, while the Fitbit is designed to collect activity data, the App and user Dashboard provides many more features. For instance, it can help you regulate your sleep patterns, assist in achieving optimal water intake and even help count your calories.

Fitbit encourages users to live a well-balanced healthy life and will show you areas of improvement. Most people have terrible sleeping patterns and hardly drink enough water, which negatively affects your health and fitness output. Also, see this worldwide sleepings stats.


Fiction – Fitbit tracks more than Just activity data


What you see is what you get with the Fitbit charge 2 bands. This device isn’t designed to record you other than your GPS location. That means no audio, no video recordings. You don’t have to worry about the NSA downloading your Fitbit data to spy on you.

Furthermore, your data is protected under privacy laws. The only way law enforcement will be able to get their hands on your Fitbit data is through a court-sanctioned order.


Should I get a Fitbit charge 2 band?


The question that remains is, whether or not Fitbit is right for you. We don’t ever tell anyone to simply buy a device unless we have tested it. For those who are interested in their health fitness improvements, Fitbit can be a fantastic device to provide you with all the necessary data to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Check out on Amazon for special Fitbit Charge 2 band deals. We have found some listings for $30 less than retail prices.

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