How to Make Your Shaker Bottle Last Longer

If you ever wonder “How to Make Your Shaker Bottle Last Longer”? Well, you are about to learn the simple hack to prolonging the lifespan of your protein shaker. Once you buy the Shaker Bottle, Blender Bottle, Whisk Bottle, whatever you want to call it, you will instantly be tempted to put it into use i.e. whisk up a smoothie or protein shake.

Even though some of these bottles are cheap, the least price being $7, you still want your Protein Shaker Bottle to last long. It can be quite frustrating to end up with a damaged bottle or missing blender ball or bottle lids 2-3 weeks after purchase.


How to Make Your Shaker Bottle Last Longer


You can take the following steps to ensure that your blender bottle lasts longer.


1. Avoid Microwaving the Blender /Shaker Bottle


Shaker bottles are microwave-safe. However, it isn’t advisable to use them in the microwave. First, they come with blender bottle lids that you screw on to avoid spills. When you place the bottle in the microwave, the pressure will build and the lid might pop off spilling your contents everywhere.  Apart from making a mess, this is detrimental to the lids in the long run.

If you have the stainless steel insulated bottle, you should not place it in the microwave as well. In general, it is better to prepare your liquid at your preferred temperature before pouring it into the bottle for mixing.


2. Wash After Use


Blender bottles are mostly used for protein shakes and smoothies. These provide your body with the nutrients it needs. However, mixing different recipes without washing your bottle can distort the desired taste. It is important to wash the bottle and Shaker bottle lids after every use. This helps to maintain the integrity of your recipes. It also helps to avoid the long-lasting odors that might form as a result of mixing so many things together (except you are using a protein shaker bottle made out of stainless steel).


How to save your Shaker Bottle from smelling



Shaker Cups are dishwasher safe — this makes washing them much easier. It is, therefore, a simple way to make your bottles last longer.


3. Keep the Odor at Bay


Some people stop using their bottles once it gets a funny odor. This is understandable because it gets hard to drink out of something that has an odor. However, instead of throwing away the bottle and getting a new one, you can opt to get rid of the odor.

Steps to remove the odor in your Blender Bottle

  1. Wash your bottle first.
  2. Place a mixture of baking soda and vinegar in the bottle (Shaker Cup lid must be set aside when doing this)
  3. Leave the uncovered bottle overnight and pour the mixture in the morning
  4. Wash your bottle and rinse it off.

Voila! The odor is gone and your bottle can be used again!


4. Avoid Bumping The Bottle Often


While Shaker bottles are designed to withstand bumps, it is still important to avoid bumping or dropping them often. This is especially true of shaker bottles made out of glass.

You should find a way to protect the bottle and the blender bottle lids from unnecessary collisions, wear and tear. You can buy a silicone sleeve to help with grip. This will ensure that the bottle serves you for a longer period of time.




Shaker  Bottle lids and the housing are durable. They are designed to serve you for years. However, this is only possible if you take care of the bottle and all its accessories. With the tips provided, you can use your bottle often for a long time before you have to consider replacing it.

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