5 Reasons Why Shaker Bottles Are Popular Amongst Men Than Women

I will guess you probably know at least one of the 5 Reasons Why Shaker Bottles Are Popular Amongst Men Than Women.

The Shaker Bottle has become a popular item, in fact, it is amongst the top ten trending products on Amazon. As you may have observed, there has been a growing number of people who go to the gym (whether to lose weight, de-stress or stay fit). See gym membership in the US 200-2016.

Furthermore, Health and Fitness programs have increased exponentially over the years and have become a trillion dollar industry. As people value fitness more and more, the demand for shaker bottles thus, increases. Hence, why they have become so popular especially amongst men — we will explain why Shaker Bottles are popular amongst men than women.

Before that;


What are shaker bottles?


Shaker Bottles, sometimes called “Mixer Bottles, Blender Bottles, or Whisk Bottles” are bottles designed to whisk and create a smooth blend of protein powder and liquid using a mechanism called “whisk wire” or shaker ball as some call it. They come in different sizes, colors, and designs. Most shaker bottles come equipped with a whisk wire (shaker ball) that allows you to mix your protein shakes or smoothies without using an appliance such as the NutriBullet. This is possible because the blender ball can break down and combine different ingredients into a smooth mixture.

More so, there are numerous “mixer bottles recipes” that one can choose from.

That being said;


Why Were Shaker Bottles Made?


If it isn’t broken, why fix it? That is a question that most people ask about new products in the market. This is often used as a means to determine whether or not one will buy the product. The same can be asked of Shaker bottles.

The Mixer bottle was created to provide smooth and consistent shakes and smoothies. Previously, the option was to throw all your ingredients in a regular bottle and shake it vigorously to get a shake. The problem with this was that the mixture was always lumpy. The other option was to use an appliance such as a blender to get your smoothies and shakes to the right consistency.

This took time and wasn’t always a viable option when in a hurry — this is the main problem the blender bottle came to solve. We can enjoy any of our favorite shaker bottle recipes whenever and however we want. No more lumps or need for kitchen appliances for simple shakes and smoothies.


How Popular Are Shaker Cups?


Mixer Bottle, Blender Bottle or Protein Shaker Cup, whatever the name you chose to call it are popular to such an extent that they are amongst the first 100 trending products on Amazon. It is the wish of every fitness, health and wellness enthusiast to have one of this.

However, it is worth noting that the bottle is more popular with men than women.


5 Reasons Why Shaker Bottles Are Popular Amongst Men Than Women


1. Blender Bottle Prices


While the shaker cups isn’t at all expensive, it is relatively more expensive than a regular water bottle (the price of a Shaker Bottle ranges between $9 and $600). The cheapest you can get is probably around $7 on Amazon or any other e-commerce platform. Below is a screenshot of shaker bottle prices online.


prices of shaker bottles


It is common knowledge that women prefer to justify their purchases. While it is easy to splurge on a bag or a good pair of shoes, value for money is still desired. When it comes to the blender bottle, some prefer to buy a much cheaper bottle if it will only hold water.


2. Limited Use


Another reason why women are not as thrilled about this bottle is its limited use. While you can enjoy many Shaker bottle recipes, there is still a lot that you can’t do with the bottle. This includes mixing more viscous liquids and solids such as fruit. The question then becomes, “Why not use a regular blender and bottle?”


3. Most Bottles Look Masculine


In the beginning, most blender bottles looked masculine. The color range was limited and the design best-suited men. Many women preferred to stick to their regular water bottles because they could get custom colors and designs to suit their personality or gym wear. This has since changed as blender bottles now come in a variety of sleeves and colors.


4. Some Women Only Focus On Exercise


Most men who exercise and go to the gym pair their exercise with supplements which include protein shakes. These shakes provide the body with the nutrients needed to build muscle. Most women who exercise prefer to keep the body lean and toned without necessarily building muscle.



Shaker bottle recipes such as protein shakes and smoothies are therefore not a priority. Therefore, most women opt for regular water bottles.


5. More Complex Blender Bottle Recipes


For most women, blender bottle recipes are limited. If one wants a fruit or vegetable smoothie, they cannot get it with a Mixer bottle unless the ingredients are in liquid, pulpy or powder form.

For this reason, some women opt out of the bottle and use their trusted blender to whip their favorite smoothies.




These are the 5 reasons why shaker bottles are popular amongst men than women. These bottles have come a long way. The newer ones have addressed some of the concerns that women have. For example, there is Whiskware, which is a “blender bottle” that can be used to mix dressings and even pancake batter.  Some shaker bottles even come with a self-stirring vane — which automatically mixes or blends fruits, powders etc.

With such improvements, women might end up joining the bandwagon and use shaker bottles routinely like their male counterpart.

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