Is The Fitbit Charge 2 And Fitbit Charge HR Band The Same?

The internet has made research much easier. Nowadays, people are fond of doing product review research before buying any product. A typical product review will reveal the product features, why the product is better than the competition etc. Certainly, product review helps you make informed purchase decisions.

That being said, is the Fitbit charge 2 and Fitbit charge hr band the same? The following are important things you should know:


Fitbit Charge 2 Features


This heart rate monitor is an upgrade of the Charge HR. One of the notable differences is in the display. While the Fitbit Charge 2 accessory bands are similar in size to the Charge HR, the former has a display that is four times bigger. The good thing about a bigger display is that you can see information more clearly.

In addition to this, the Charge 2 has GPS connectivity. This is not inbuilt. Instead, to access GPS, you have to connect your heart rate monitor to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Ultimately, this allows you to map out your runs or walks.

Is it Waterproof? The Fitbit Charge 2, like its predecessor, isn’t waterproof. However, it is water resistant. With the gadget, you can walk through rain without having to worry. However, you should not take a shower or go for a swim while wearing the Charge 2.

The Fitbit Charge 2 accessory bands are comfortable enough to wear underwater, but the tracker isn’t built to function in water.



Smartphone Compatibility


The mark of a good heart rate monitor is its ability to link to or sync with a variety of smartphones. The Charge 2 is compatible with different smartphones. You can receive notifications of calls and messages on the tracker.

The comfortable Fitbit Charge 2 accessory bands allow you to have your monitor on at all times. This means that you can easily keep track of your phone activity. However, you still need to use your phone to respond to texts and calls.


Accuracy in Measurement


One of the shortcomings of Charge 2 is the lack of precision in measurement. While the heart rate is less accurate with all wrist monitors, the same cannot be said of distance.

With the Fitbit Charge 2, there’s a bug in the software which causes a skew in the distance measured during walks or runs. Although the difference is not too big, it is still a flaw that is worth noting.

Availability of Accessories


Fitbit Charge 2 accessory bands are widely available in online stores (Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc.) and other local superstores. If you are one of those who take pride in the way you look, you can buy the replacement bands to customize your look from time to time. This is especially beneficial for those who prefer to have silicone sporty bands during exercise and leather or stainless steel forthe rest of the day.





As with every other product, this fitness tracker has its pros and cons. No product is ever perfect, that’s the main reason why products are upgraded and improved. I hope with this information, you can choose to upgrade to the Fitbit Charge 2 or not.

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